PVH Medical is a privately billing clinic. In order to maintain a high quality of care and service we cannot routinely bulk bill all consultations.

Payment is requested on the day and Eftpos is available for your convenience. We can process your Medicare rebate at the time of payment and if you have registered your bank account details with Medicare the rebate will be paid directly back to your account within two working days (often on the same day). Pensioners and Health Care Card holders can pay a gap fee and return their Medicare cheque to the clinic when it is received.

All doctors work independently and are responsible for their own billing decisions. At times your fees may be reduced or you may be bulk billed. For example, you may be bulk billed for a child’s immunisation. This, however, is at the discretion of the doctor treating you on the day and relates to the nature of your consultation.

Fees can be discussed confidentially with your doctor and allowances can be made for your individual circumstances. Please ask your doctor if you have any questions about billing.

Fees for general consultations – effective 1 February 2019

LevelConsult lengthPrivate feeMedicare rebateOut-of-pocket cost (gap)
B – Standard5-20 mins$85$38.20$46.80
C – Long20-40 mins$130$73.95$56.05
D – Prolonged40+ mins$180$108.85$71.15

The gap payment for pensioners and Health Care Card (HCC) holders is $15 for all consultations.

Note that the level (B, C, D) charged relates to the actual time taken during the consultation rather than the length of appointment booked.

Workcover/TAC consultations will only be billed to the insurer once a claim number has been received.

Fees for after-hours appointments (weekdays after 8pm, Saturday after 1pm, Sunday and public holidays)

ConsultFee - private patientsFee - pensioners and HCC holders

For after-hours appointments, an additional $15 fee applies for privately billed patients.

HCC holders and pensioners are to pay the full consult fee and will have an out-of-pocket cost of $20.

Review appointments

Review appointments are charged at a discount rate for all patients.

A review appointment is a simple follow-up to check on the progress of a previous problem. It’s generally carried out within 2 weeks of the original appointment.

Minor procedures

Minor procedures include services such as Implanon insertion and removal, suturing of lacerations, plastering fractures, removal of a foreign body and drainage of abscesses.

The out-of-pocket cost for each of these services is around $50 for private patients.

Pensioners and HCC holders will be bulk billed for the procedure but will be charged an out-of-pocket cost of $30 to cover consumables.

Skin excisions

An upfront fee is charged at the time of the removal of the lesion. This will usually be between $140-$250 and is dependent on the site and size of the lesion being removed as well as the doctor performing the excision. Pensioners and HCC holders will also have an out-of-pocket cost. This cost will be discussed prior to doing the procedure. The remainder of the cost is billed directly to Medicare when the results of the biopsy are known.


Dressing materials are not covered by Medicare and incur a separate charge on the day, unless included in an excision or minor procedure.

  • Simple dressing – $10
  • Complex dressing – $18

General practice management plans (GPMP) and team care arrangements

Private patients may be charged an out-of-pocket cost of $50 for the preparation of a GPMP and arrangement of appropriate referrals (team care arrangements).

Pensioners and HCC holders will be bulk billed for these services. Reviews of a GPMP will also be bulk billed for all patients.

Mental health care plans and treatment consultations

Private patients may be charged up to $50 out-of-pocket cost for preparation of a mental health care plan. Review of mental health care plans and mental health treatment consultations will usually have a small out-of-pocket cost too.

Shared care antenatal consultations

Several doctors at PVH Medical offer shared antenatal care in association with a number of public obstetric hospitals.

Pensioners and HCC holders will be bulk billed for pregnancy care.

Private patients who have elected to do shared antenatal care will usually be privately billed until 28 weeks and then bulk billed for the remainder of their visits as well as for their 6-week postnatal visit. The typical out-of-pocket cost for a standard pregnancy under the shared-care model is less than $200 in total.

Fees for TAC or WorkCover patients

Consultations for Transport Accident Commission (TAC) patients are billed at the rate determined for the TAC for traffic accident injuries and conditions. All consultations require full payment on the day by the patient. PVH Medical will only bill the TAC directly if:

  • TAC has accepted full liability, and
  • You provide us with your TAC claim number, and
  • All excess payments have been met by you.

Consultations for WorkCover patients are billed at the rate determined for the Victorian WorkCover Authority for work-related injuries and conditions. All consultations require full payment on the day by the patient. PVH Medical will only bill the Victorian WorkCover Authority or relevant insurer directly if:

  • Victorian WorkCover Authority or insurance has accepted liability, and
  • You provide us with your WorkCover claim number.